Furniture and Architectural Pieces

While we were having a new home built, I was able to include a few of my own thoughts in the design.  Our contractor had never built a contemporary home before but was eager to work with us to achieve our goal.  Some of the architecture he was able to accomplish, but the following are pieces he had no idea on how to complete.  Therefore, I took on the design, found the people to work on it, and coordinated their construction.

Along with painting, I also enjoy woodworking, as shown in some of the Wood Constructs, shown on the previous page.  I took this a little further into creating a few table tops, end tables, and coffee tables.  The entry table, mounted on the wall... well I just had this weird thought and decided to go with it. 

Monolith Fireplace

Ovaloid   Fireplace

Triangular Sideboard

Homage to Kandinsky Dinning Table II

Dining Table I

Webbings coffee table

Geo end table

Brazil   coffee table

Alabama Rag   coffee table

Bamboo Fire    end table

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